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the engagement.

the engagement.


Steven asked me to marry him on September 26th, 2016. We had been in Tokyo for a week, and somehow he kept the ring and his big plan from me the whole time. Little did I know that he had banded forces with my friend N'tima and her husband, also named Steven, to propose in front of the most beautiful waterfalls near Mount Fuji.

N'tima's husband is in the air force, and they were living on a base near Tokyo at the time. Steven and I had visited them a year before, and we decided to go back again before they were relocated back to the States. A few weeks before we left, N'tima asked us if we could plan a day while we were visiting to shoot some photos for her portfolio. Now this wasn't out of the ordinary for her to ask, since many of the friendships I've made, including mine with her, were with people I met in the early Flickr and Tumblr days; so posing for portfolio pictures were a pretty normal thing for Steven and I. Not that we are modelesque in the slightest, but I'll take a new profile picture if my friends want me to pose in front of something. So, of course, I said yes, and didn't think much of our upcoming photo shoot.

Fast forward to Tokyo, as lovely as it is humid. Luckily, N'tima offered to curl my frizzy hair the morning of our shoot, or else I would have demanded a re-shoot. I'm kidding (mostly).

After getting ready for the day we headed out to the waterfalls. Steven and I sat in the far back of the Preusser's van, with their perfect daughters in the middle row, N'tima shotgun, and her Steven at the wheel. Looking back, Steven was really quiet, but I figured he was taking in the scenery since it was a really enchanting drive through the Japanese countryside.

We arrived at the Shiraito Falls parking lot, where it was just a short walk to the actual waterfalls. On the way down there were several little shops with ice cream and trinkets. N'tima immediately offered to buy Steven an ice cream cone, which was a sweet gesture since, unbeknownst to me, he was very nervous.


We made our way down to the waterfalls and it was the most gorgeous sight. I know it was fairly busy, but in my head it was just the six of us. It looked like a painting. We walked down the path and there were two prime areas for pictures. The first was the main attraction, a vantage point that centers you in front of the falls, which was stunning but crowded at the time. The second was a little more secluded and quiet, but still beautiful. We opted for the second, and N'tima positioned us for the first shot. I heard her assuringly say "it's perfect" while looking right at Steven. And it was.

The rest is fuzzy. Blissful. Full of happy tears and the best words we've ever said to each other pouring out of our mouths like waterfalls behind us. I remember looking into his eyes, and suddenly being in his embrace. I remember feeling like we were the only two people on earth. I remember the mist of the waterfalls and the way it felt when he put the ring on my finger. I remember looking over to my dear friend who was snapping away the whole time while she was in tears as well. It was the happiest moment of my life, and I have every reason to believe November 3rd of this year will be just as good.


This blog isn't going to be just a diary, but I can't think of a better way to start it off. I'm unbelievably in love with a man who has been by my side for almost eleven years, and I get to marry him in just a few short months. I know I'm gushing, but it's the best, and I appreciate you reading along.

Photos by N'tima Preusser

P.S. I made this video of our second Tokyo trip, and would love to do a post all about the love we have for Japan soon. If you ever want to talk about traveling to Japan, shoot me an email and I'll gush about all my favorite places.



step one.

step one.